Sunday, May 1

The Royal Wedding Afterglow: Palace Departure

William and Kate lovingly held hands as they walked the grounds of Buckingham Palace (with a dozen or so paparazzi snapping photos and taking video of their every move). They appeared casual as they headed toward their helicopter, climbed in and flew up and away from it all. The wedding weekend is officially over; the festivities have all come to an end. No word on when (or where) the couple will honeymoon, rumour has it that William is keeping it a secret from Kate as well. What is certain is that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are heading back to their normal lives (William to return to work on Monday morning) for a little while before they take their honeymoon. Quite the modern couple indeed. 

Kate looked lovely in a royal blue dress, just as beautiful as her sister Pippa in that royal blue blazer did when she left Goring Hotel with Kate's family. Kate wore a black blazer and a pair of wedges (a smart choice for that pebbly and grassy terrain) to compliment the dress. William, of course, looked dashing as always.

This is it for our wedding coverage. To look through all the posts related to the Royal Wedding click on "The Royal Wedding" category in the upper right corner of the blog. Its been a lovely and fanciful weekend full of princes and princesses, love, excess, and fairytales fulfilled. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

xx Christina.