Wednesday, June 29

How to dress for the airport: MyFashionPulse Giveaway

The more put together your look, the more likely you are to be treated well by all the officials you have to pass through (especially when traveling internationally).  

On your body:
Pants: What is most important is comfort and form. After sitting and standing for hours, you can begin to look like a wrinkled mess. I try to wear a pant that will hold its shape over the long day. 
Love these: Marc Jacobs Wide Leg Pant

Blouse: Something comfortable and flouncy, that breathes but isn't super thin. T-shirts not allowed.
Love this: Diane von Furstenburg Orange Blouse

Long scarf/Pashmina: Wonderful for fluctuating temperatures in airports & on airplanes, and super light to carry around. Throw it on when it gets cold, throw it off and stick in your bag when it is gets hot, use it as a blanket to sleep with on a cold plane, or roll it into a ball to make yourself an instant in-flight pillow.  
Love this: Michael Kors Striped Cashmere Scarf

Watch: Always important to know the time. If I have a long layover I make sure my watch is synchronized to airport time.
Love this: Urban Outfitters Woven Leather Watch

Flats: I see lots of really beautiful women in sky high heels when traveling... if you're one of them,more power to you! Walking in heels for hours can be tiresome and painful, so pack flats. I really think the most comfortable flats in the world are by Lanvin. Zara makes great substitutes.

Jewels: I adore fun jewelry, even if I have to take most of it off during security checks. So worth it.
Love these: Butler & Wilson Owl Earrings, Rosato Marigold Flower Ring, Ippolita Bracelet, Erickson Beamon Safari Necklace

Bag: Something large, & roomy.
Love this: Mulberry Oversized Alexa Bag

In your bag:
Beauty Bag: Travel-sized versions of everything you use in your normal beauty routine. I stock mine with my compact, lip gloss, perfume, mascara,  matte foundation, oil absorbing sheetsmake up remover and face wash on hand too. I also never leave home without a bottle of whatever nailpolish I am wearing, to fix any chips in a snap.

Magazines: Save my life on flights. I usually tote about five or six around with me.

Umbrella: If you are coming home to Jamaica where you have a lot of open areas to navigate. Otherwise it really isnt necessary.


  1. thank you for sharing these tips, i'm flying from Puerto Rico to Spain on November! it's a 13 hours flight, so i was thinking about a pair of comfy leggins, boots and a big scarf! what do you think?


  2. Yup, I wear shorts and a maxi blouse, but your way is much better.

  3. Wow Teresa! Spain? I am so jealous! Yeah I would definitely suggest something like a dark pair of leggings for that long a flight... paired with boots and a scarf, you will look adorable! You could always wear a soft and comfortable shirt/sweater/tank while in flight and then change into a prettier blouse just before landing. It's what I would do so I could really relax for those 13 hours! Hope this helps.
    Lots of love,

  4. thank you so much for the sweater tip!! that's exactly what i'll wear!!! a big size sweater :)

    i wish you were on USA too so you can participate on my giveaway :(

    kisses dear<3


  5. Christina, this is a great post! You never know who you'll meet on a plane or see in an airport. It's a challenge to dress comfortably yet with style, but it is so important! Especially on the long hauls. Your suggestions and information is spot on and perfect!! I'm using your look for my next trip as I LOVE what you put together here!