Wednesday, June 1

Miami Beach International Fashion Week

Last night on Mission Catwalk, we watched Ayanna Dixon of ASD present her collection at Miami Beach International Fashion Week. I was so excited to get a glimpse at her collection. Stunning.
Photos Alty Benjamin Jr. and 

If you are in Jamaica, please text 1 to 444-2446 to vote for Ayanna. Multiple voting is allowed, so keep texting till next Tuesday. xx Christina


  1. wow i love the colour blocking in the catwalk! ronan x

  2. I love these photograpghs and the bold colors are beautiful!


  3. Arent they? I love them & I am happy you all did too. The designs were so well-received by the audience too!

  4. Hi,your blog is so lovely!I actually spent last 30 minutes browsing around and reading your posts and enjoying beautiful pictures!this is such a delight!
    should we follow each other?I just did!I will be so happy if you could do the same for me me.

  5. Oh,I have one more question,who did for you that header?did u pay a lot?
    I hope you do not mind me asking that.
    Best wishes!
    PS if any time you will feel like exchanging the links let me know please!

  6. all this pants are stunning! i fall in love with this pink one:)
    i was this year on the fashion week poland, great event and also lot of nice designers:)

    great blog! i'll follow you:)

  7. A shame I'm not in Jamaica...I would definitely vote for her ;)
    really cool collection!
    thanks for sharing! xxx